Our Revolution Nashville and Mid TN extends huge thanks to our endorsed candidates Robin Kimbrough Hayes for United States Senator, Keeda For Congress, James Turner for Tennessee State House – District 52, and Noelle Bivens for Congress for running powerful campaigns that were not afraid to take on the powers that be. Thanks for inspiring us with your passion and steadfast vision to fight for Medicare for All, Criminal Justice Reform, The Green New Deal and more progressive issues. Thank you to all of the volunteers that spent so many hours making calls, sending texts, writing postcards, sharing posts on social media, making videos, singing songs, and holding signs.

We must take this moment to acknowledge what we did accomplish. We came ahead of a candidate selected by the Democratic Party that raised millions. We were a part of the strongest campaign that has taken on Jim Cooper and Mike Stewart in over a decade. We stood up against collaborated smear campaigns and set the record straight. We fought alongside a strongly progressive, queer woman who earned 41% of the vote in a deeply conservative area, on a budget of a few thousand dollars. We did all of this during a pandemic without being able to have face-to-face conversations or in-person rallies.

Huge congratulations to Marquita Bradshaw. We are thrilled to have a Black Lives Matter activist, Medicare for All supporter, and environmental justice leader on the Democratic ticket for US senate.

From day one we have been committed to progressive change and we will forever be on the frontline ushering in that change. Sign up on our Facebook page to join the movement. We are just getting started. When We Organize, We Win!

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