Candidate for House District 49

Brandon Thomas is running to represent State House District 49 because he wants to model compassion for his son, and ensure that the needs of everyday Tennesseans are no longer placed on the back burner. Brandon has worked in retail customer service, non-profit work, and on campaigns. Through this work, he has honed the skills of building consensus, and working with people from many different backgrounds, while still not being afraid to stand up for what’s right and speak truth to power.

Brandon believes we need to expand Medicaid in the state of Tennessee. We have the ability to access federal money that’s already been set aside for this purpose, which would help provide healthcare access to over 700,000 of our neighbors and stop the closure of even more rural hospitals. We also need to institute a worker’s bill of rights by introducing a slate of bills related to making sure all Tennesseans have access to a living wage, paid family leave, and a proper work/life balance. And we need to reform our criminal justice system, by ending cash bail and making sure that justice is restorative, not punitive.

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