Candidate for U.S. Senate

Marquita is native to Tennessee. She is a Memphian who has extensive experience in the environmental justice movement. Marquita advocates for human rights. Marquita grew up in South Memphis and is an alumna of university of Memphis. As a single working-class mother, she raised her son in Tennessee. Bradshaw is a volunteer project director for Defense Depot Memphis, Tennessee – Concerned Citizens Committee (DDMT-CCC). She is one of the eleven founders of Youth Terminating Pollution.

As a project director she fights for her childhood community. Bradshaw raises awareness and fights or justice for contamination from the Memphis Defense Depot Superfund site. The Superfund site is a chemical and biological warfare landfill. Marquita has championed many communities causes. Bradshaw has worked as an organizer at local, state, and national levels, including work with the Mid-South Peace & Justice Center, Sierra Club, Stand for Children, Tennesseans for Fair Taxation, AFGE, and the AFL-CIO

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