Pre-Monthly Call Meeting

Thursday & Sat phonebooks at UAW/Virtual 6:30-8:30

Minority Caucus – North 5th Street John Lewis Renaming (Did we forget about Diane Nash)

Money Raised in Primaries:

Jim Cooper $700,000

Keeda Haynes $100,000

Robbin $18,000

Tomorrow Meeting:

83 people registered at time of pre-call meeting

Marquita Report needs to repost invite about monthly meeting

Brandon Thomas needs to repost invite about monthly meeting

DSA possibly share invite 

Nation Level Vision: 4 fold

  • Defeat Trump
  • Elect prog congress
  • win down ballot
  • keep movement going

Guest Speakers:





Voter Registration section (#PassionToVote) with Robin Kimbrough

“If Marquita can generate the energy that Joe Biden won’t, and by half a chance upset Haggarty, then Biden would be on her coattails” – Jim

“I see Marquita on the coattails on Biden” – Brenda

“It’s going to take a miracle for either to win” – Mike

Brenda is stressing the importance of getting the word out to the back-woods/the holler in Tennessee.

Josh talk with Robin about what she will mention regarding PTV and then mention the rest

Play TYT Video about Marquita upset

Main Points: Turn State Blue – How we win a progressive TN

  – Encourage people to support OurRev

– Recruitment to help turn state blue

20 Calls to receive a Marquita yard sign

We will work to get the OurRev dialer set up for the Thursday phonebank

– Permit statewide dialer

– Deeper conversations to help recruit and commit 

Have guests call in for mic check at 6:15pm