“People Inspire Me” (w/ Marquita Bradshaw)

“When they share those stories with me… that inspires me and motivates me to work harder to become your next U.S. Senator!” Learn what inspires Marquita Bradshaw and get inspired yourself to hop on the phones this Thursday evening to make calls for Marquita! Register To Make Calls: https://OurRevMidTN.com/phonebank https://MarquitaBradshaw.com

Mail-In Ballots

Robin Kimbrough Hayes explains who exactly is eligible to receive a mail-in ballot for the upcoming November Election. If you have any of the situations described in the video, please visit https://govotetn.com/absentee-ballots.html Learn more about Passion To Vote

Early Voting Matters

Stefanie shares with Our Revolution Middle Tennessee & Nashville why early voting in the Presidential Primary was crucial in making sure her vote was cast. You just never know what may happen. Early Voting begins October 14! Make a plan today! Learn more about Passion To Vote